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Spring in Barcelona

I finished teaching on April 12, then the next day I flew to Barcelona to spend a few days.  I wasn’t expecting to like Spain very much; I’m not really sure why, other than the fact that I speak NO Spanish/Catalan and not speaking the native language of a place generally bugs me.  However, I absolutely LOVED Barcelona.  The weather was beautiful, there was unique architecture that I really liked, there were lots of cool things to see, there seemed to be a lot of nature within the city, and I found a lot of lookout points over the city, which is one of my favorite things.  Also, sangria.

In addition, the people were very different from the French; they seemed more like Americans to me, but of course had their own uniqueness as well.  Most people I had to talk to spoke English fairly well, there were more overweight people (Murrica) and they seemed to dress more like Americans than the French, and they spoke loudly and seemed very friendly.  I think the combination of friendly people and beautiful weather gave the city a super strong vibe, which was rivaled only by Berlin in all the cities I visited.  It felt like it was summer there already!

Okay, enough talking, let’s get to some photos.  I’m going to try to cram the whole trip into one post… here goes!

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Places to go, people to see, things to do!

There are A TON of places I want to go while I’m in Europe; I plan to take mad advantage of the proximity of many different countries, ease of travel, and people I know in Europe.  However, I also need to be aware that traveling costs money and I’ll be living on a limited budget, so I need to pick and choose places I go.  That being said, there are a few places I DEFINITELY want to go, and I even have some plans in the works already.

First up: PARIS!  I’m flying in and out of Paris, and when I first arrive Courtney and I are going to spend a few days there.  I’m not sure what exactly we’re going to do since we’re only going to be there a few days and will be dealing with jet lag and such, but before my time in France comes to an end I definitely want to see all the sights Paris has to offer, like…

The Eiffel Tower…

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