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Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, Terezín, the Czech Republic

If you’re impressed by how quickly I wrote this post, don’t be.  After my post about Prague my sister called and said she read it, then asked, “How many months will I have to wait until the next one?”  So this isn’t timely blogging, it’s just a form of sibling vengeance.  Also I just got an email that school is cancelled tomorrow due to extreme cold, so I have one more day of winter break!!

That being said, as I mentioned in my post on Prague, Brona and I went to Terezin, a town with a concentration camp.  I forgot to mention it before, but the fact that a WWII concentration camp was nearby was also a reason why I chose to go to Prague.  I knew I wanted to see a concentration camp while I was in Europe, and I wasn’t picky about which one; when I was deciding where to go on my last trip, I created a Google map with pins on all the possible places I could go, including the concentration camps that are open for visitors.  I didn’t really want to go to Poland and I was pretty much all Germany-ed out, so when the possibility of going to Prague came up I jumped on it.

Side note: when I was planning my trip a lot of people were like, “You want to go to a concentration camp?  That’s…cheerful.”  Well, no, it’s not, dummkopf.  I’m not going for a pick-me-up; I’m going because it’s an important part of our history, one that shouldn’t be forgotten, and I wanted to experience it firsthand while I had the chance.  It was for the same reasons that I went to the Caen Memorial Museum, and the D-Day beaches, and the American cemetery, and Anne Frank’s house.  It was a very WWII-rich year for me.

Okay, so anyway.  Brona and I caught the 4:30 AM train back to Prague from Podebrady, then crashed for just a few hours at her apartment, managing to wake up, get ready, and make it to the bus depot before 10:30.  We walked around for a few minutes looking for the platform listed on our tickets, then began to panic when we couldn’t find it and the clock crept closer to 10:30.  Because it was a Sunday, there was no one working, and the guy at the newspaper stand there was none too keen on helping two English-speaking girls.  We even found two other people who were looking to go to Terezin, but they had no idea where the bus stop was either so they ended up going to the zoo instead.  I’m sure it was a more uplifting day, anyway.

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