French Translation

If you’re interested in doing some translating either to or from French for any reason, here are some websites I recommend!

WordReference.  This is an amazing dictionary site that also has a ton of forums in which people can ask questions about how to say something in a language, and native speakers respond!

Google Translate.  While no online translator is perfect, this is the best one I’ve found!  You can even translate whole web pages.  Just copy the URL and push enter, and it should take you to a translated version of the page.

Google Chrome.  While Firefox will always be my browser of choice, Chrome has a really cool feature where if you go to a website in another language, a bar will pop up along the top asking you if you want to translate the page.  It’s basically the same as typing it into Google translate but it’s a little faster.  I’m sure Firefox has an add-on or extension that does the same thing but it comes automatically with Chrome.

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  1. Lau

    Avec l’accent c’est beaucoup plus mignon! 🙂

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