Emmy Photos

This is me and Emmy, my traveling cow.

In La Place des Vosges, le Marais, Paris.

I got Emmy from my friends at Walgreens.  She was on loan all summer, then at the end of the summer I was allowed to keep her on the condition that I take photos of her places I visit and send them to my old coworkers.  First, I took some pics of her on the farm:

Top: she met some of her own kind, and a spray-painted goat.
Bottom left: she picked up some chicks.
Bottom right: the calves were VERY interested in how she smelled.

The first place Emmy visited was Paris.

Top left: she made friends with my friend Felix.
Top right: l’Arc de Triomphe!
Bottom left: the Champs-Elysees.
Bottom right: chilling with a dog on a grave in the Pere Lachaise cemetery.

Then she went to Monaco.

She liked all the big boats and tall buildings.

Emmy stowed away in my camera bag for a short day trip to a town right next to Nice, Villefranche-sur-mer.

Emmy enjoyed the beach and met a few new people: Sam (top right) and Lau (bottom left).

After a few weeks of being in Nice, Emmy FINALLY got to see the city a little.  She made friends with Claude, a friend’s rubber duck…

They were a little standoffish at first, but they warmed up to each other.

Then she saw some beautiful scenery around Nice and from the Chateau de Nice.

Top left: a memorial.
Middle right: taken from the top of a Spiderman-like climbing web!
Bottom right: it’s blurry, but that’s Elton John’s vacation home in the background!

At Mont Boron, Emmy was ready for some new poses.

Emmy stowed away for her first big trip since arriving in France: GERMANY!

Top left to bottom right: cathedral in Cologne, Brandenburg Gate, East Side Gallery at the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, overlooking Berlin, making friends with a giraffe in Berlin.

Then she turned right around and went to London!

Top left to bottom right: Abbey Road, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Boots Pharmacy (Walgreens’ partner company), Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge.

When my parents came to visit, Emmy did some more traveling.  She went to Paris again, where Emmy enjoyed traveling…


On the Eurostar train that goes under the English channel from Paris to London.

and some famous sights.  I forgot to take pictures of her when we were up in the Eiffel Tower, but I made up for it later!

eiffel tower sacre coeur

Eiffel Tower and Sacre Coeur.

Next, Emmy accompanied us to Normandy, where we were solemn in remembrance of D-Day.


D-Day Museum in Caen


N Top: La Pointe du Hoc. Bottom left: at the entrance to the American cemetery. Bottom right: Omaha Beach, taken from inside the van.

Emmy’s next destination was London again, where she enjoyed hanging out outside Buckingham Palace.

buckinghamEmmy also enjoyed accompanying us to our family’s ancestral home in northern Germany.  We saw a lot of churches…


…went to Denmark…

denmark various

The top two pictures are at the prince of Denmark’s house. The bottom two are in Germany.

…and enjoyed seeing some places important to my family.

family stuff

Top left: the church that my ancestors used to attend. Top right: a distant relative of mine… look at the name! Bottom: my ancestors’ old home.

By the point Emmy (and her traveling companions!) were getting tired, but we made one more stop in Italy.

colosseum and various

Top: Colosseum, Rome. Bottom: Florence.


Top left: Sistine Chapel, Vatican City. Top right: Michelangelo’s David, Florence. Bottom left: the Pantheon, Rome. Bottom right: St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.

When my boyfriend came to visit in February, Emmy got to do some more traveling.  She went to two nearby towns, Cannes and Antibes…

Left and top right: Cannes.  Bottom right: Antibes.

Left and top right: Cannes. Bottom right: Antibes.

She also accompanied us on a trip to Paris, where I made up for forgetting about her last time I was there.  She went up in the Eiffel Tower again!

Top left and bottom right: in the Eiffel Tower.  Bottom left: Mona Lisa, the Louvre.  Top right: Versailles Castle.

Top left: from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.  Top right: Versailles Castle.  Bottom left: Mona Lisa, the Louvre. Bottom right: in the Eiffel Tower.

Then finally, Emmy went with us to Venice, Italy.

Top left: Torre dell'Orologio.  Top right: the Grand Canal.  Bottom left: St. Mark's Square.  Bottom right: Bridge of Sighs.

Top left: Torre dell’Orologio. Top right: the Grand Canal. Bottom left: St. Mark’s Square. Bottom right: Bridge of Sighs.

For our last vacation together, I was a bad cow owner and didn’t keep great track of all the places I took pictures of Emmy… however, I know the cities and did my best to remember!



Top left: La Sagrada Familia. Top right: Parc Guell. Bottom left: from the top of Mt. Tibidabo. Bottom right: 1992 Olympic Stadium.



Top right: In front of the Amsterdam public library. Top right: De Gooyer windmill. Bottom left: Anne Frank House. Bottom right: Vondelpark.



(Captions to come)



(Captions to come)

And thus ends Emmy’s and my adventures in Europe!  But don’t worry, she has found a home here in the States.  Pictures to come!


9 thoughts on “Emmy Photos

  1. I similar photos but not with Emmy; they’re with Lucky Ducky!. I was meaning to make a page with them, so maybe that will be my next project.

    • Do it!! It’s so fun… just a few minutes ago I walked past Emmy sitting on my fireplace mantle and thought, “Oh the places you’ve been, Emmy!”

  2. I like the picture of Emmy with the Boots sign. I want Emmy to meet Cecil Sagehen.

  3. MoM

    Oh Emmy, you are having such adventures!

  4. I love these Emmy pictures! So cute and fun!!!

  5. Lau

    haha j’aime beaucoup les photos d’Emmy et Claude! c’était une trés belle après-midi pour tout le monde!

  6. Lau

    Je connais la prochaine visite d’Emmy! Dans la plus belle place de Nice! HaHa!

  7. Mom

    Emmy’s nose matches Thumper’s horns and side!

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