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Skiing in the Cote d’Azur: Valberg and Isola 2000!

I went skiing twice this year, once in mid-March and once at the beginning of April.  That’s right, skiing in April in the south of France!  And thus is the magic of mountains.  The first time, I went to a ski resort called Valberg, and the second, to one called Isola 2000.  Here’s a handy-dandy map I created to show you people where I was:


The one near Peone is Valberg, and the one that’s 34 miles away is Isola.

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I just felt like running

OF COURSE I decided to go with another Forrest Gump quote.   As promised, since at least a few of you seem interested, here is an update on my running in training for the 5K I participated in on August 11.  The first post about it is here.

After my 4.5 mile run, my right ankle started to hurt.  It wasn’t a sharp pain, like I had actually injured it, but I think I just overdid it too soon.  I guess just because I CAN run four and a half miles, doesn’t mean I SHOULD!  That was on Tuesday, and I didn’t run again till Sunday.  I only ran 3 miles and ran slowly/walked so as not to overdo it.  My ankle kind of hurt, but it wasn’t bad, and I needed to keep training because the race was that Saturday!!  The next day I ran 3.2 miles at a faster pace and didn’t walk at all, then I took a day off.  The following day (Wednesday) I ran 3 miles, which left me 2 days to recover before the race.

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I decided to go for a little run

If you got the Forrest Gump reference in the title, kudos for you.  If you were one of my students you would get a like stamp.

That’s right, I actually own one of these. I also have a dislike stamp so WATCH YOURSELF.

Where was I?  Oh right, running.  I realized a couple of weeks ago (July 17, to be exact) that the weekend I was going home to Illinois City for my followup eye appointment (you can read about that whole experience here and here) was the same weekend as Illinois City Days.  You guessed it, it’s a weekendlong summer festival thing that includes a tractor pull, street dance, parade, and general merriment/socializing/alcohol drinking.  Basically small-town heaven.  Also that weekend, on August 11,  is a 5K in honor of my cousin Alexis, who died of brain cancer in January of 2011.  She was 7 years old.

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