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OFII Medical Visit

Or, Kelsey’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

A few weeks have passed since this day, and I think I’ve finally sufficiently recovered in order to write a post about it NOT full of spit and vinegar, like this post ended up being when I wrote it the same day the event happened.

Okay, so all non-EU assistants have to have a medical appointment to validate their visas and receive their carte de séjour, or residency card.  But before that, you have to have your long-stay visa, your proof of entering the Schengen Zone, your justicatif de domicile (lease, utility bill, etc.), and a bunch other stuff.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- the paperwork to work in France, particularly for the French government, is insane!!  But that wasn’t the issue.  I had all the necessary paperwork and once we got there, the appointment went fine.  They even had me translate from French to English for an girl who didn’t speak French 🙂 but getting to the appointment was the issue…

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Parking in Paris

Driving in Paris is insane, but the parking might be worse.  Here are a few things I witnessed:

Cars park on the corners here. It just goes against every fiber of my being. How can cars see who’s coming?? I guess they don’t care.

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Paris: Day 1 and 2

Oh boy.  I feel like I did so much in Paris and have so much to share that I don’t even know where to start.  I’ll try to be concise while still telling everything that happened… here goes!

The flight to Zurich was AWESOME.  It was my first real international flight and I was in awe of how nice it was.  The seats had places to rest your head on each side and each passenger was provided a blanket and pillow.  No one was sitting behind me so I didn’t feel bad leaning my seat back and I also took that seat’s pillow 🙂 haha.

However, I didn’t feel the best on that flight.  I didn’t eat anything all day due to stress from packing/no time/nervousness so my stomach wasn’t feeling very good.  They served dinner shortly into the flight and while it was good, I only managed to eat a few bites each of my lasagna and salad.  As the meal was getting over, I started to feel really sick to my stomach.  I tried to sleep because I couldn’t get out with our trays down and food on them, but as soon as they were cleared I went to the bathroom and threw up EVERYWHERE.  I almost didn’t make it and then had to clean my own vomit off the back of the toilet, the walls, my knee… it was terrible.  I managed to go to sleep for the rest of the flight though, I had some orange juice for breakfast, and then when we got off the plane I had a sandwich at the Zurich airport.  I think that the time our plane left (7:1 pm) was perfect- I had NO jet lag!  Seriously none at all!  It was amazing.

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Conversation with a Schaumburg librarian

Thought: I’m so excited to get a library card!  I have a list of about 20 books I want to read about moving to France!

Me: Hi, I’d like to get a library card.

Her: Go ahead and have a seat.  What’s your address in Schaumburg?

Thought: Hey, this is gonna be easy!

Me: *address*

Her: Okay, now I just need two forms of ID with that address on it.

Thought: How can I explain my transience in the simplest possible way…

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If this is what you think of when you hear the word “couchsurfing,” think again.

CouchSurfing is a website that people who are traveling use to find a free place to stay for a night or two.  You create a profile, add information and pictures, form connections, and then when someone needs a place to stay in a particular city they can look at and see who has a couch available.  You can describe the place you have for people to stay and also set stipulations: only a certain number of nights, only females, etc.  CouchSurfing was started in 2003 and has since grown to have millions of users.  I’ve never used it before (never really needed to), but seeing as how I’m soon going to be living in France and traveling all around Europe, I thought it might be good to get started.  My friend Jennie recently spent a month in France and had several successful CouchSurfing experiences, so she encouraged me to create a profile as well.

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Friday morning lockout

(I warned you all in my about me that sometimes I will include random posts of things that happen to me.  Here goes.)

This morning started out kinda rough.  I stumbled out of bed at 6:14 AM (half an hour after my alarm went off… ahem), then not only had to get dressed and ready for work (a challenge enough on a day like today) but I also had to finish packing for my weekend at my parents’ for my cousin Melissa’s wedding and make sure I had everything I needed to fully participate in the wedding festivities (you know, strapless bra, eyeshadow, all that stuff I usually don’t mess with).

I finally got my 4 bags (not an exaggeration) and dress out to the car when I realized my keys were somewhere in my purse and I had exactly 0 hands free to dig them out (because let’s be honest, no way am I taking two trips out to the car when I can carry all my crap like a packhorse).  I piled all my stuff on the hood of my car and rummaged through the approximately 27 compartments in my purse.  No keys.  I figured they might be up in my room, so I went back in the house.  Nope.  I searched through my purse again before finally admitting to myself that they weren’t there.  I then had the brilliant idea to see if I had left them in the car, and sure enough, I see them dangling from the ignition just taunting me.

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Reactions I’ve gotten

In honor of it being a week since I got accepted to the program, listed below are the various reactions I’ve gotten after telling people that I’m moving to France.  Enjoy!


That’s so exciting!

I’m so proud of you!

Have you seen “Taken”?

You better not fall in love with a French guy.

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