About Me

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my blog!

If you’re here, you probably know who I am, but on the off chance you don’t: my name is Kelsey.


In front of my beautiful city.

I am a recent graduate of Illinois State University (aka the Ilstu, aka my beloved second home) with a double major in English Education and French and a minor in Psychology.  This is my first adventure in blogging; I was recently accepted into an English teaching assistantship program in France and I created this blog to share my preparations for and my new life in France with my friends and family.  Also, I love and completely overuse semicolons; I am completely fine with that fact.

In this blog, I plan on writing about my process as I prepare to move to France, as well as the experiences I’ll have while I’m living there; I expect to write a lot about not only my activities there, but also about the French language and differences between France and the US.  However, I also love random tangents, so expect to see at least occasional posts about awkward or humorous experiences and other activities I take part in.  If you’d like to read about how I ended up taking part in this program, you can read about that here, and more information about the program can be found here.

eiffel tower

This was pre-11 inch haircut

I’m not really sure what this blog is going to look like, but I’m looking forward to undertaking this new challenge and seeing what develops.  As it is my first blog, I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you may have; let me know what kind of posts you enjoy or what you’d like to see on the blog, and I will definitely take it into consideration!

Thanks for reading 🙂



15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Barbara Tomiet

    Hello Kelsey, great blog you have here.
    We are a French family leaving in the very beautiful Alpes Region (Annecy) and we are looking for “tutors”.
    This is a sort of demi-pair where we offer independant room and boarding against 10-12 hours of conversation/ lessons to our kids (NOT baby-sitting). The person can work in paralell or just enjoy our great region and French life.
    Do you know where I could search for this type of arrangement ?
    Thanks in advance and très bonne continuation !!

  2. I just found your blog while searching for other information. I will be moving to Lyon from Chicago in July 2014 to earn an MBA at EMLyon. I found some useful information on here. My wife is French and that makes the move easier but it’s still good to get varying perspectives and tips. Are you still in France? Thanks!

  3. Niki

    Hey Kelsey, I was just accepted to TAPIF in the academia de Nice for 2014-2015. I wanted to ask you some questions about the stipend and how you were able to live on only 790 euro per month. I feel like that is impossible to do when you are paying for an apartment, buying food, and other essentials.

  4. Hi Kelsey,
    I just came across your blog. I’m applying for TAPIF this fall for 2013-2014, so I’m all into reading about your adventures.
    -Nika 🙂

  5. Leah

    HI!! I discovered your blog yesterday while searching for international sim cards and the best advice for having a phone in France. Your advice has been the best so far! I’ve been reading your posts nonstop since yesterday! I’ll be an assistant in Rennes this fall, and there’s nothing like learning from someone who has experienced it first hand. So MERCI mille fois!

    • Oh yay, I love seeing comments like this! So glad it’s been helpful. Best of luck to you and your year in France- hope it’s as great as mine was! And feel free to comment if you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to, and I’ll do my best to help you!!

  6. great blog. especially liked your post about cologne a lot, nice photos and very interesting for a person from cologne ,p have fun travelling and living in france, i’ll look out for more travel posts.

  7. Hey Kelsey! I was an assistant in France last year (Lille) and had a great time! Looks like you have lots of things planned for this year, so have fun!

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