Oh hey everyone!

WHOA it’s been forever since I’ve been on the blog.  Time to get back into the swing of things.  I am currently working on a post about my trip to Prague–I swear I am–but in the meantime, a short little post!

First of all, current assistants who read here, how’s it going??  If I remember correctly you’re probably about in the middle of your two week break right now.  Did you all find a place to live?  How’s school going?  Are you traveling right now?

Secondly, a quick update on my life.  Since I returned from France I interviewed at three different schools, applied at three different temp agencies, got a teaching job AND a temp summer job, moved out of my parents’ house into my own rental house, and started working full time teaching English, French, and ESL at a local high school!  I’m loving it.  At some point I might do a photo recap of my summer, but who knows if I’ll ever get to that point.

And lastly, since returning to the States I’ve been noticing some things as “soo American” (said in a haughty voice).  Here are some things I’ve experienced since being home that are very different from Europe, for better or for worse!

  1. Having a DRYER!!


2.  Parades.  Also, a huge “Vote Republican” elephant.

3.  Free refills + attentive waiters = good.  Tax + tipping = bad.


A waitress brought this out to me for free when she found out it was my birthday!

4.  Big cars.  I was behind a Hummer the other day with a bumper sticker: “Buy a hybrid.  I need the gas.”


5.  A huge gun display at a store (granted, I was at Bass Pro Shop, but still).  And signs like this.


6.  Snow in October.  Not so much American, but very not south-of-France!


7. Pumpkin patches, including a huge pumpkin cannon.


8.  BACON EVERYWHERE!  Also huge portions, Mexican food, ice in glasses, peanut butter, Pepsi products, and my favorite chips.


9.  Baseball, and a general obsession with sports that are not soccer.


10.  Graduation caps and gowns.


11.  Memorial Day services.


My grandpa giving a great speech.

12.  Silly things like the world’s biggest frying pan.


13.  People dressed like slobs when out eating, shopping, etc.

14.  A general disdain for smokers.

15.  And of course… fireworks!  Bonus points if they’re over a baseball field.


Wow, I’ve really missed blogging.  Feels good to be back!

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11 thoughts on “Oh hey everyone!

  1. Lauren

    Hey Kelsey!

    I am a current assistant in the Nice region an would first of all love to thank you for this wonderful blog! It has been such a great source of information both before I arrived here and after I started working. I have just one question, though-did you ever apply for the CAF while you were here? If so, what was that process like for you?


    • Oh good, I’m glad it’s helped you! I actually wasn’t able to apply for CAF since my apartment was rented in the black… like my landlord didn’t report the rent as income. If you have a legit landlord you should be able to. I know some of my British friends got money from the CAF, but I don’t think many Americans did. It takes time and a lot of paperwork, but I know it’s possible!

  2. Clarette

    Great observations!

  3. Dad

    Glad to have you 30 minutes away instead of 30 hours.

  4. Juliet Sherwood

    Hi Kelsey, I’m sorry I only got in on the tail end of your lively blog. I’m a grandmother fulfilling my life-long dream of living in France. I rented out my Denver house along with my two cats to finance this adventure, and am sharing an apartment in Marseille with a lovely young French/Cote d’Ivoirian woman. I wanted to get work teaching English (I have experience from teaching at a Denver community college for the past three years, and in the 90s in Kathmandu, Nepal) but broke a bone in my foot the third week I was here so haven’t been able to move around too much. I have LOTS of homework to do for the advanced yoga teacher training I’m enrolled in (four long weekends over the course of the winter in Brussels — the catalyst for me being here), so I’ve been busy and love being here. Can’t wait to hear about Prague! Congratulations on landing such a great job stateside!

    • Wow Julie, that sounds amazing! So great of you to follow your dream. I never made it to Marseille- how do you like it there? If you want I can give you some tips for finding private tutoring jobs that you could do out of your home. Do you have a blog chronicling your experiences? If so, I would love to read it!

      • Juliet Sherwood

        Hi Kelsey, I keep planning to start a blog and really must get to it. Yours is an inspiration for me! I really like living in Marseille. It’s a very lively, interesting city. I’d love to get your tips on getting some private students. Love your blog!

  5. glorianelsoncsep@gmail.com

    Love your writing…have missed it and miss you! So glad you got to visit Chelsea in OH!

    • Thanks Gloria! Talked to Chels on the phone on our way to work this morning. Sure miss her- hopefully I’ll be able to see her over Thanksgiving or Christmas!

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