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Le Blog in the Upcoming Months

My poor little blog has been neglected lately.  I’ve managed to get out a few posts this summer, but slow Internet (not anymore though!!), busyness, life events, and quite frankly, a lost desire to blog have led to many fewer posts than what I would like.  However, I do want to finish out this blog since it’s a commitment I made to myself (I want to get it printed into a book as a memento), my family and friends, and future assistants who have been reading it to get helpful information.

I started my teaching job today–eek!!–and I have no doubt I am going to have much less time and going to be much more stressed.  But I definitely have at least a few more posts that I want to get out, so I’m going to do my best, although I make no promises as to when I’ll finish.  Maybe I won’t finish up until my two-week break at the beginning of October… who knows?

If you are going to be participating in TAPIF this coming year, feel free to comment with any questions you have, and I’ll be able to respond to them quickly.  Also, if you have any ideas for blog posts that would be helpful, I might even find the time to get a few more of those out.

The posts I’m planning on writing yet are:

  • my trip to Prague
  • my trip to Vienna
  • pictures from my last few months in Nice

I also have some posts already written and saved as drafts, so a few random, where-did-that-come-from posts might be sprinkled in there as well.  And who knows, maybe I’ll get bitten by the blogging bug again and will do a bunch before I say sayonara… I guess time will tell.

So until next time…


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Amsterdam: City of Bikes

Oh hey everyone!


You miss me?  I’ve definitely missed writing on the blog, but have been having lots of fun and keeping busy in my time not spent blogging.  I could list all the things I’ve been doing but I’ll just get right back into it.

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