A short trip to Eze-sur-mer

A co-worker from my school and I had been talking all year about taking a trip to Eze, a small town not too far from Nice.  As time goes, it flew by, and before we knew it I only had a couple more weeks of school!  We planned to do it that week, but then rescheduled for the Thursday of my last week of school.  Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!  We didn’t have a ton of time, since I was having a good-bye dinner for all my friends at my apartment that evening (and it was scheduled to rain in mid-afternoon), but we left early afternoon and spent a good few hours seeing a few things in the town.

Eze is a really small medieval village on top of a mountain- it’s called a perched village since it’s up so high.  If you take the train you have to walk up the mountain to get there, but if you take the bus or drive you can go right up to the city.  Luckily, we drove, so no mountain climbing for me!

The first place we went was the exotic garden, which was mostly filled with cacti.




We were so high up that we were even with the clouds.


I got some good shots down of the garden, the city, and the land below.



IMG_3963Since it was such an old town, the streets and buildings were all very medieval looking.



After the garden, we had a drink at a nearby cafe and just sat and chatted.  Sure enough, after a little bit it started looking like it was going to rain!  We headed back to the car but on the way, stopped to check out a little church.




So that was my trip to Eze!  Short and sweet trip and post 🙂

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One thought on “A short trip to Eze-sur-mer

  1. Clarette

    Can’t even imagine living somewhere so beautiful! Very much worth the trip.

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