Villefranche-sur-mer (again)

It seems that things have come full circle; back in October I went to Villefranche with some of my friends, but we didn’t do much other than sit on the beach and get gelato.  Well one of the teachers at my school told me about a few cool things there, so I decided to check it out!  I actually went the same week that I went to Parc Phoenix; I had a particularly light class load that week and the weather was great, so I took advantage of it!  Plus my handy little list has been keeping me motivated.

The first place I went was the Citadel, which is a 16th century fortress that’s open to visitors.  Honestly I was kind of confused by it–I wasn’t sure if I was missing something, since it was mostly open and outside–but there were a few small museums and such, so I guess that was it.  I was kinda underwhelmed, but it was cool to see the old stone walls, the green grass, and the abundant flowers.




Here’s what I could see of the Citadel from one area within it.


See that truck in the above photo?


Yeah, I may have taken a photo of myself sitting in it.  No one was around and my camera has a self-timer, so why not?  Also note what I was wearing- I wore a sweater and jacket that day and totally regretted it.  It was so hot!

There were a bunch of small museum-type things around the Citadel.



There were also a few cool statues that I liked.


They look sad. Chin up, lil guys!

Remember my issue in this post with a photo that wouldn’t upload correctly?  Well, it’s doing it again, but I really want to include this photo, so do me a favor and tilt your head to the right?


Okay, you can stop tilting now.  I wanted to include this rock guy because 1) I think he’s awesome and 2) there’s a HUGE version of him near the airport.  Like Transformer-sized.

After I had my fill of the Citadel, I headed out, but tried to snap a few more pictures to get a feel for the thing as a whole.


This is the front entrance, off-center because it’s supposed to be part of a panorama… someday when I fix my computer!


The same entrance from nearer the water.

Something exciting was going on in Villefranche that day: a movie filming!  Don’t get too excited though, I didn’t see anyone famous, mostly just a guy in a bear suit driving a car.

I kid you not.


The guy in front was keeping people from walking through and stopping people (unsuccessfully, in my case) from taking photos.  They kept shooting the same thing over and over till they got it right- the bear-thing suit-guy would floor the car in reverse and then drift into a parking spot on the left.  Kind of like this but in reverse.

I tried to do some Googling but never figured out what movie it was.  It must have been pretty legit though; they had fancy equipment on one of those smooth-rolling trolleys, and big trays of food, and movie star chairs!!


When they finally let me by, I went and sat on the beach for awhile and read a book (this one, if anyone is interested) until the church I wanted to visit opened again after its (two hour) lunch break.  Fail on my part, I didn’t take any pictures… this is the best one I got.

The area on the far side of the curve is the beach where I was sitting.

The area on the far side of the curve is the beach where I was sitting.

After some time in the sun (seriously, I got a tan), I headed back the way I came to check out the church one of my coworkers told me about.


It’s called “Chapelle Saint-Pierre” or the “Chapelle des Pecheurs,” or Fishermen’s Chapel.  It used to be used to store fishermen’s nets and such, but was restored in 1957 and the interior was painted by Jean Cocteau.  He’s famous for writing Beauty and the Beast!

Area over the front door

Area over the front door

Back of the church, behind the altar

Back of the church, behind the altar

One wall

One wall

As you probably guessed from the photos, cameras were strictly verboten but in true Kelsey fashion I snuck photos anyway.  Haha.  It was a really small chapel, just one room, but really cool!

After I finished looking at the chapel, I had to run to the train… literally run!  I had to catch it in order to be back in time for my private lesson.  On the way I managed to snap a few pictures of the Rue Obscure.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but I kept seeing signs for it so I figured I’d check it out.  It’s basically this small hidden street that’s really short and ends abruptly on both sides.  You can see it on this map:

rue obscure

One side of the street was closed for construction, so it was blocked off.


Here was the other side: there was an arch and then a small tunnel that led to the restaurants and shops on the street.





Happily, I caught the train and made it back to Nice in time!  It was a great day in Villefranche.

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3 thoughts on “Villefranche-sur-mer (again)

  1. Aunt Elaine

    I hope it was the filming for Ted 2.

  2. Mom

    Maybe the movie is a sequel to “Paulette”…. and instead of being “the new dealer in town”, she becomes “the new preacher in town” or something good and worthy! For those who don’t know, Kels sent me a photo of a billboard for a movie that was released in France this spring titled “Paulette”.

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