Venice in Photos

After our Paris trip, Nick and I flew to Venice, a place I (and he) had never been before!  My parents and I wanted to go during their trip here but it just didn’t work out time-wise; it was way too far from Rome for us to do on our limited schedule.  So I was happy to have an opportunity to go there!

Most of the time in Venice we were just walking around.  The sidewalks and canals with no cars were a nice break from the busy-ness of Paris, although the winding “streets” did cause us to walk in circles more than once!  We saw a lot of beautiful sights and neat old architecture.  Again, I don’t have a lot to say about these places, so enjoy the photos!

We saw a lot of churches (forgive any spelling errors I make!)…

Campo Santa Maria Nova

Campo Santa Maria Nova


Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo


Just snapped a photo at the door of this one.

Basilica di Santa Maria Glorioso dei Friari

Basilica di Santa Maria Glorioso dei Friari

Assumption of the Virgin by Titian

“Assumption of the Virgin” by Titian

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Inside is "The Crucifixion" by Tintoretto (famous, apparently) but we didn't go in.

Inside is “The Crucifixion” by Tintoretto (famous, apparently) but we didn’t go in.

We went to the Piazzale San Marco (St. Mark’s Square), probably the most famous place in Venice, known for its pigeons.  That led to a lot of Kelsey-flinching every time one flew nearby.

See that clock tower?  Okay, good.  Now hang on a second.

See that clock tower? Okay, good. Now hang on a second.


Basilica San Marco


Doge’s Palace


The most stereotypical gondoladriverman I ever saw.

Okay remember how I told you to wait a minute?  Wait over.

Guess where this photo was taken?  Oh yeah.  THE TOP OF IT.  I love seeing cities from above.

Guess where this photo was taken? Oh yeah. THE TOP OF IT. I love seeing cities from above.



I have to throw in one more bonus photo taken from the ground just because it’s cool.  My boyfriend has quite the eye!


We saw a HUGE bridge that had stores and such on it, the Ponte Rialto:


Another thing we did was ride a couple of times on a vaporetto, which was a big public-transportation boat that went down the Grand Canal.  I failed at getting any pictures of the actual boat, but this is what it looked like.  Just pretend I took it.  Some pictures from the trip we took as the sun was setting…




Twin cranes!

As it got darker the moon was HUGE and really cool looking, but unfortunately, it didn’t really show that well in the photos I took.  I did choose one photo to put on here but every time I uploaded it, it was sideways!  It was a vertical photo that I had to rotate on the computer, which I do with a lot of photos, but WordPress was NOT having it.  So I took it as a sign that it wasn’t a good enough photo to include anyway.

And of course, it being Venice, we took a ton of photos of the canals and bridges.  A few of my favorites:



Funny story, Nick and I actually saw this bridge in a video we watched on YouTube about Venice after we got home and learned that legend says if you kiss under it in a gondola at sunset your love will last forever… or something like that. We thought we had missed even seeing the bridge until I saw these photos!


This bridge was made of thick glass and when you stood under it, you could see people’s feet from the bottom as they walked across it!




Phew, sorry, I know this post is super long and a total pic overload, but I wanted to do all of Venice in one post.  I’m ready to move on to other topics from my poll, and the other trips I’ve taken lately!  But before I go, one more photo… we saw this pasta everywhere.  Like, at stores alongside all the regular pasta.  I’ll let you decide what it looks like.  Funnily enough, at one of the stores there was a sign by it that said “Historical pasta… not sexy.”  I took a picture of that but I’m not sure where it went!  We did buy some pasta before we left but NOT this super-historical pasta.


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2 thoughts on “Venice in Photos

  1. Dad

    Way cool. Those of us here in the States like seeing the exciting places you visit. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Connie Bieri Pyszka

    Glad you and my great nephew had a wonderful time. Connie and Jim, Huntsville, AL

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