5 thoughts on “Getting a bank account and bus pass

  1. Jen

    Internet? Carte 12-25? Did you ever get a loyalty card with a grocery store?

    • Ooh good thinking, Jen! I knew I was forgetting something. Anything else you can think of?? Perhaps another post is in order…

      • Jen

        Hmm… I know you did an apartment post a little bit ago, but did you talk about paying bills? Like do you pay utilities separate, or how does that work?
        And then there’s also the whole visa-validating process, but I’m sure you were already planning a post around that, since it’s such a mess, haha. I did it when I studied abroad, but it’s all kind of a blur and I remember it now as a confusing/frustrating procedure.

        PS Thanks for putting up with my nit-picking suggestions! These are the little details that I worry about when I think about moving to another country so I think it’s great that you’re doing whole posts to explain everything you had to do.

        • I can write a bit about my bills but I have a different situation since I rent through a private person and not a realtor… I’ll ask my friends who rent through an agency how they pay their bills though!

          What visa-validating process are you talking about? I got my visa at the French consulate in Chicago, and I wrote about that, but that was it for my visa…

          If you already studied abroad, then you’re light-years ahead of where I was before I came here! It’s my first time abroad. I know it seems overwhelming but I’m sure you’ll figure everything out just fine and I hope I help a little 🙂

          • Jen

            Maybe the validation thing is just for the student visa and not the work visa? If you didn’t have to do it, that’s more good news for me!

            Thanks for all your help! It is super useful to hear from someone who’s been through the TAPIF process 🙂

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