Life Lately

Ah yes, it’s time again for my every-so-often photo dump, mostly of things I’ve snapped pictures of on my phone.  Enjoy!!

I realize this photo is terrible, but I wanted to get a picture of the beautiful lights on the palm trees here.  I took this on the bus on the way back from dropping off my parents at the airport- yes, it was still dark on my way home!


I made my favorite chocolate chip streusel muffins awhile ago; recipe to come in my next “what I’ve been cooking” post!  I was so happy I finally found some muffin/cupcake “tins” that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  They’re hard to find here, and expensive!  Plus these will be easy to bring back with me.  I bought 6 big ones and like 12 little ones, I think?


I discovered a new drink- “un monaco”!  Yes, like the country.  It’s a light beer mixed with grenadine.  DELICIOUS!  It was really sweet but I like sweet drinks, and it was way cheaper than a cocktail!  Like 1/3 the price.  Mixed drinks are crazy expensive here.  Like 8-10 euros average expensive.


This was the same night- we sat down at a table outside where there were a bunch of glasses left from the last people!  We did NOT drink them all.


Took this silly photo to send to my mom and sister.  They sent me a picture of what they were doing so I sent a photo back of what I was doing, which happened to be eating popcorn with the yummy popcorn salt they sent me!  Also I haven’t posted many photos of my new haircut.


My friend Chloe is really short and it’s adorable.  At her and my friend Meg’s new apartment for their housewarming party!


The back page of a daily newspaper here; I took a picture to send to my mom, dad, and sister (since my mom’s name is Paulette).  Paulette: a new dealer in town!


Saw this laying on the sidewalk.  Apparently Rohypnol is used to treat insomnia…


Took a trip to Cannes to see my friend Cameron and eat sushi.  We did some shopping and came across these lovely shoes.  YEAH.  ALMOST 100 EUROS.


Sunset in Cannes.


Is anything prettier than palm trees in front of a beautiful sunset?


Nope.  Don’t think so.  Even when it’s a grainy cell phone pic.


I decided to start buying random fruits and vegetables from the little stands here that I’ve never tried before.  First up: pomelo!


It basically tasted like a less-sour grapefruit.  I guess some people think the grapefruit is a mix of the pomelo and the orange!


Saw this for the first time at the store the other day.  I think it’s pumpkin?  Strange, because they don’t really have pumpkin-flavored things here, and you can’t buy canned pumpkin.


The waves were really rough one day when I was walking up to the house where I give private English lessons.


KitchenAid mixers here are over 600 euros.  WHAT?!  But look at all the pretty colors!


One of my students for private English lessons lives up a hill overlooking the ocean.  I get the best photos when I go to her house!


A photo I took on the same hill on my way to pick up the little girl I babysit from school.


Same place.  Couldn’t resist!


Some friends and I ate at a Cuban/Mexican/Spanish restaurant the other night.  This cool palm tree was in the middle of the restaurant going up to the second floor!IMAG0928

Me and two friends at the restaurant, called La Havane.  You can see the palm tree in the background!


This is the French President’s head… put on a woman’s bikini-clad body… no translation needed.


My dad thought it would be funny to mail me a Subway application with my name on it.  Just more motivation to find gainful employment!!  Yes, this is on my bedroom wall.


David is pet-sitting a friend’s dog this week and one day while I was cooking I caught him peeking in through the door.  Not coming in, just looking and checking on what I was up to!


One step up from leaving poop on the sidewalk… leaving poop in a bag on the sidewalk!  They have neat dog poo bags here with cardboard on the top so it’s easy to scoop the poop.  Too bad more people don’t use them.


This is what happens when you buy canned tomatoes without the easy-open top, don’t have a can opener, and refuse to go back to the grocery store… yeah I just took a knife to it.  Luckily no metal shavings got in my food.


So those are some always-super-random things I’ve been up to lately or funny sights I’ve seen around town!  If you haven’t yet, give me some love by voting in the poll on the right about what I should write about next.  Thanks to all who have already weighed in- the winning choice right now is “Things I miss about the US” so if you don’t want to read me waxing nostalgic about all those I love back in the States (Just kidding.  It’ll probably be all about Chipotle.), best get to voting!!  😀

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10 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Clarette

    Loved the photos, as always. Curious – how many days did it take to eat that pomelo? It looks HUGE!

    • Many days! I actually think the last quarter of it ended up going bad because I was tired of eating it and it took so long!!

  2. Bret

    The Subway application was to go on your ‘love wall’.


      • Dad

        I think you would love to not work there.

        • Aunt My

          I love Subway. Maybe as much as you love Chipotle. Would NOT want to be the thankless sandwich artist who gets toppings barked at them with no gratitude. I really do try to say “please” multiple times during my sandwich creation. Sorry for the random comment. I have really been thinking about this lately!

  3. Gloria

    I always look forward to every email notifying your readers of a new blog post! Love each and every one of them. I am especially fond of those with travel and your life abroad!!!!! Keep writing, Kelsey!!! Sending you big hugs!

  4. Mom

    Another great post–I love seeing everything. Have you seen the Paulette movie? Paulette

  5. Pop tab shoes! Purple KitchenAids! Subway app- hahaha! Exclamation marks!!!

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