Parental Visit: Nice and Monaco

When my parents arrived in Nice, we dropped their stuff off at my apartment, got pasta for dinner, and then I headed to my private English lesson while they wandered around and explored the area near my apartment.  I ended up NOT having a lesson (my student forgot) so I came back, called them on the cell phone I got for them to find out where they were, and met up with them.   We grabbed a drink at a cocktail bar not far from my place then headed back so they could get some sleep.  They had had an EXTREMELY long day of travel and were jet-lagged!  The free espressos they got at the pasta place didn’t help very much.

The next morning we took the train to Monaco and explored for just a couple of hours, since I had to come back to teach in the afternoon and the only train was shortly after we arrived.  But my parents were able to see the scenery and walk up to the castle where the prince of Monaco lives.

Dad checking out the view over Monaco.

Dad checking out the view over Monaco.

Mom and Dad in front of the palace!

Mom and Dad in front of the palace!

While I taught, my parents explored Vieux Nice, then we met up and I showed them around my school a little bit.  Like any good mama, my mom made sure to snap some pictures of me:

Inside my school.

Inside my school.

After that, we got lunch at a little cafe in Vieux Nice and my parents tried some Nicois specialties.  They then went to the beach for the first time here in Nice and loved it!



That evening, we went back to Vieux Nice to check out the Christmas markets.  My parents had vin chaud (hot mulled wine) for the first time–Dad particularly loved it–and he also tried out the bikes that you pedal to light up the tree made of old water bottles!


The next morning, we packed up and headed to Paris, which started our European tour!  We arrived back in Nice a week and a half later at about 9:30 PM on New Year’s Day, which gave us the whole next day to see Nice some more before my parents flew out super early the following day.  First, we walked up the Chateau de Nice and enjoyed the beautiful views.


Dad climbed up the Spiderman-esque web.


Mom enjoyed the flowers that were still alive and made me stand by them.  I chose the pose.


Then we made our way to the tram tracks by walking along the beach and through Vieux Nice.


We grabbed some lunch and did some shopping: yarn for Mom, souvenirs for Dad, clothes for me!  Then we each had a macaron, walked through the Christmas markets one more time, and headed back to my apartment.  We decided what we were going to make for dinner–we were SO tired of eating out!!–and Mom and I went to the grocery store while Dad relaxed at the apartment.  We made dinner then hung out at my apartment for the rest of the night; we were tired from our trip!  Mom and Dad also needed to pack and we had a taxi to the airport at 5 AM the next morning for their 7 AM flight.

The next day, the taxi came and we made it to the airport in great time.  They were able to check in and get their boarding passes with no problems, then we went to security and said goodbye.  It was really sad to watch them leave!  It’ll be five months before I see them again, but I was so happy they came.  I was proud for them to see my town and my very first apartment, and to show them around Europe for the first time!  They loved the trip and especially Nice.

Next post up: Paris!

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12 thoughts on “Parental Visit: Nice and Monaco

  1. Clarette

    Are all the views that spectacular?! It’s just SO beautiful. Great to catch up with you.(I like the French boots, too.)

  2. Dad

    The best trip ever!
    Thanks, Kelsey.

  3. aftonjoy

    Cute boots! A purchase in France?

  4. Gloria Nelson

    Love these updates, Kels….and thank you so much for the postcard which I have prominently displayed on my fridge in my little kitchen. So glad you got to experience this wonderful journey together with your parents… are all so blessed!

  5. Seeing your dad looking all hitman-esque in Europe is so awesome. 🙂

    So great that you were able to share this all with your parents. I love technology, too, for being able to follow along. 🙂

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