Noël à Nice à Nuit

Not sure if that is the exact correct translation for “Christmas in Nice at night,” but I liked the alliteration too much, so I’m sticking with it.

A few weeks ago, a couple friends and I went to a square in town (La Place Massena) to see the annual turning on of the Christmas lights.  There was a bit of talking (we weren’t really listening…) over the loudspeaker, everyone counted down from 10 (dix), and then the lights were turned on!  They go ALL OUT for Christmas here.  Many streets have lights and decorations, nearly every square has HUGE decorations, and there are Christmas markets in La Place Massena, like they do in Germany.  The Christmas markets are two rows of little shops selling food, sweets, handmade goods… lots of stuff!  It’s always a good place to go to grab a macaron if you have a one-hour break between classes at your school that’s just right down the road… can’t imagine who might have done that many times over the past few weeks.  No idea at all.

I meant to go a couple other places in Nice to add more photos to this post; down by the port, they have an awesome huge lit-up decoration of Christmas presents, and along the water they have huge red telephone booth-like boxes for letters for Santa, as well as huge blow-up Santas and snowmen.  However, time got away from me, as time tends to do, so I mostly have photos from that night!  Enjoy!

This was right after the lights got turned on; you can see all the people waiting!  It was slightly drizzly that night.  Someone told me that Nice only has two seasons, summer and their “winter,” and between the two is always a ton of rain!  That’s the season we’re in right now.  Some days it pours, some days it only sprinkles or is gloomy, and some days it’s beautiful and warm and sunny.


Me and Chloe waiting for the ice-skating performances to start.  A few little girls skated on the ice rink that was brought in for the season- it must have electrical cooling under it or something, or I have no idea how it doesn’t melt!


This is one of the two rows of the little stands.  The lights are absolutely beautiful!


I took this photo for my grandpa; I told him on the phone a couple weeks ago about these HUGE wheels of cheese.  Bigger, but not as good as Colby Jack, right Grandpa??  I do miss Colby Jack.  Sigh.


Me and Sam- you can see both rows of Christmas markets in the background, with the tram tracks in-between!


Several of the streets near the market have these huge bows all down them, while other streets have different decorations.  The tram tracks near my apartment have big white lit-up half-arc things all along them.  Wow, that was a terrible description… I’ll just have to be sure to take a picture before they go away.


Another street.  Ignore the blurry car, it’s due to the camera settings I was using.


I LOVE all the colors in this photo.  There were huge lights going that projected different colors and patterns on the buildings.


There’s a Ferris Wheel going all day until pretty late at night for 6 euros a pop.  I want to go on it sometime, but I want to have my nice camera with me- maybe when my parents are here!


One more photo.  Gorgeous.


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2 thoughts on “Noël à Nice à Nuit

  1. Clarette

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Loretta

    I am enjoying your France time vicariously. Keep having a wonderful time. Belated Merry Christmas, but “on time” Happy New Year!!! Love, Loretta

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