Fun in London: Part 1

I realized upon my arrival in London that I visited Claus in Cologne and Logan in London.  My life is inherently poetic!

So I got home from Germany on Monday evening, then had an evening flight on Wednesday to London.  I was so happy, I figured out the express bus to the airport!  I really wanted to know how to do it so that when my parents came to visit I would be an expert.  This was my first time flying with Easy Jet, a budget airline.  Besides being cheaper, it was different in that seats weren’t assigned–it was first come, first served–and you were only allowed one piece of carryon luggage, not one piece + a personal item (purse or whatever).  That meant I had to severely limit my packing so that my camera bag could fit in my duffel, but it was worth it!  I love that camera bag.  Although I maybe need to invest in a small padded camera wrap or something for future trips.

Logan (a friend from the Quad Cities who attends college in London) greeted me at the airport with a cup of Starbucks tea (woo England!) and then we took a bus and cab to his apartment, a nice 3-story house in southwest London near Wimbledon.  The layout of his house was really cool: two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor, kitchen and living/dining room on the second floor, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the third floor.  So it was like two separate apartments with a shared kitchen and living/dining room.

The next day, Logan and I set out to explore London a bit.  Luckily, he has Thursdays off from “uni,” as they call it!

We saw Big Ben and the houses of Parliament…

the London Eye…

before going to see Buckingham Palace.

Gilded gates… “to keep the peasants out.”

This is the new winter coat I bought! I love it!

We got lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant (YUM!!) and then we walked along Oxford Street and Regent Street, two famous shopping destinations in London, and also Covent Garden.  There was a lot to see there!

The biggest Apple store in England…

Try to contain your drool, Afton. Yes, Logan made me go in.

an American candy store with a lot of bacon-flavored items…

and a huge Christmas tree.

I took the obligatory generic tourist photo with a red phone booth!

Logan got creative with the angle.

The streets were already decorated for Christmas.

We also saw a Boots drugstore, which is the company that Walgreens formed a partnership with over the summer while I was working there.  I sent some pictures back to my friends at Wag, as well as a link to the Emmy pics I’ve taken recently.

After all that, we went back to Logan’s flat for the evening.  The next day, I was starting to get sick so I hung out at Logan’s apartment for most of the day while he was at school, then headed out on my own to explore a little bit.  I saw Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station (from Harry Potter; click the link if you don’t know it!!)

I also intended to enter the Tower of London–I had bought tour tickets online–but they closed down at like, 4!  So I just took some pictures of the Tower Bridge at night.  It was BEAUTIFUL!

This picture was taken on the London Bridge. It was NOT falling down.

I also took photos of a few other random things while I was there, like this tall glass building called The Shard…

…locks on the bridge across the Thames…

…and a building with a poppy on the side of it.  Poppies are huge in London, especially at the time I went (right before the celebration of the armistice of WW2).  There are people everywhere handing them out for donations, and the majority of people there have poppies on the outsides of their jackets.

After that, I went back to Logan’s for the night!  It was really nice  to have one home base where I stayed the whole time, instead of moving around every night like I had to do in Germany.  It was much more relaxing, which was great especially because I was getting sick!

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6 thoughts on “Fun in London: Part 1

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  2. Aunt Elaine

    Look kids, Big Ben, parliament!

    • Afton


      They put a roundabout in on our road. I let Mom and Dad know this weekend how I feel about it. DUMB.

  3. Dad

    We appreciate all your hard work on these posts!

  4. Afton

    The Big Ben picture looks like a painting!

    Did you buy anything at the Apple store? Macbook!
    I was typing my comments up in my google search bar as I read, so I wouldn’t forget anything, and I already had that comment typed out before I saw my name!

    Did you see any Aviva signs?

    • Just wait to see the ones I took at sunset! They were so pretty! No, of course I didn’t buy anything, but it made Logan decide to buy an iPad Mini. He’s a bigger Applehead than you!! And no, I saw no Aviva signs.

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