Cologne: Claus, Cathedral, and Clouds

Part one of my Germany trip!

The next morning (Thursday) we had breakfast at Claus’ house, then headed to Cologne at about lunchtime.  The first thing we did was go to the cathedral (called the Dom) right by the train station.  Claus took some pics of me before we went in; he took a couple of me just standing there, then told me to do something else, so I struck a funny pose!

I borrowed Claus’ mom’s coat for the weekend because my fleece was NOT warm enough. I bought a new coat before I went to London though!

Using the awesome flip-around screen on my camera, I took a picture of Claus and me with the cathedral in the background:

We haven’t changed much in 5 years!

Then we went up.  I took a picture of the stats so I wouldn’t forget:

It definitely didn’t take 30 minutes to climb up there.

I think the reason the climb wasn’t too bad was because the flight of stairs was so small, we had to stop every minute or two to let people pass by, and though we only stopped for 10 seconds or so at a time, it gave us a chance to rest.

The spiral suitcase that we took most of the way up was really small! Gum and graffiti NOT from 1248.

I’d say about 3/4 of the way up there was a little landing area with another staircase the rest of the way up.  It also gave us another chance to rest before hiking the rest of the way up!

Claus was so great about taking photos of his tourist friend.

Once we got to the top, the view was amazing, but to keep people from jumping/throwing things/taking ANY kind of decent photo, there was wire webbing all around it.

Bars AND wire. Safety first, I guess!

The walkway went in a circle around the top.  I did try to take some photos of the view of the city…

For most of the day in Cologne, it was drizzling, but the clouds were amazing!

Not a great view, but the clouds look cool!

There was graffiti EVERYWHERE in the cathedral… it made me sad.

We stopped partway down to see the bells in the tower.  There was another circular walkway around with the bells in the middle- the path was super narrow!  A shot of the hallway…

More graffiti.

The bells were HUGE and one of them tolled once while we were up there.  It was so loud!

So many bells!

Some perspective.

They were HUGE.

When we walked down, we were going so fast that I got dizzy from the spiral!  We then walked around the inside of the cathedral.  It was breathtakingly intricate.

I stopped and just looked at this painting for awhile.  Such a thought-provoking portrayal.

I called this the Tetris window!

And finally, a shot of the cathedral as we walked away.

After that, we headed to the KölnTriangle, a tall building with a panoramic view on its roof.  It didn’t have any wires or bars, but it was raining, so there was water on the glass walls and occasionally on my camera lens.  Boo.

Claus cheesing in front of the building.

Camera focus on me…

Camera focus on the water droplets!  I thought it was funny/cool!

View of the cathedral, river, and bridge.

It was hard to get a picture in the other direction because of the rain.

I attempted to get a pic of me and Claus with the cathedral in the background…

…when, as I experienced in Paris, someone saw me struggling and offered to take a photo of us.

I also played around with the “miniature” setting on my camera again to try to make it look like it was a tiny model town.

After we were sufficiently cold from being on top of the building in the wind, we headed toward the chocolate museum for a warm drink.  On the bridge crossing the Rhine, there are tons of locks–lovers do the same thing as on the Pont des Arts that I saw in Paris–put a lock on the bridge and throw away the key!

Claus with his coffee, my hot chocolate (6 weeks in France down and still not a coffee drinker!!), and a delicious piece of chocolate cake/mousse that we shared.

After our chocolate binge, we headed to a movie theater in Cologne that plays original versions of American movies with German subtitles.  On the way there, there were some really cool clouds over the bridge.   Unfortunately, they didn’t come across in photos as good as I hoped they would, but it’s still kind of a cool pic!

We saw the movie Robert & Frank, which was pretty good!  Best line (as people are destroying books in a library): “It’s like Nazi Germany in here!” *cue nervous laughter from the audience*

As we sat down in the movie, I realized I only had one glove; I had lost one!  And they were my favorite gloves- they have different stitching in the fingertips so I can use them with my smartphone.  I was sad, but after the movie we asked the cashier if she had found a glove and she had!  I was so happy!  Then I left them in the pockets of Claus’ mom’s coat when I gave it back to her, so I had to buy a new pair in Nice before going to London.

After the movie, we headed back to Claus’ house for another delicious dinner.  Pretzels with cheese, a tomato basil salad thing, cranberry cabbage (which I was skeptical about before trying it but it was SO GOOD), potatoes, pork, and gravy!  Oh plus these star-shaped ice cream bars for dessert.  We stayed in and I went to bed pretty early since we got up early the next morning to head to BERLIN!!  I realize this post is super long, I might have to figure out how to make them more concise… at this rate, I’ll need two more posts just to cover Berlin!  We’ll see what happens.  To close, one final photo from Cologne:

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13 thoughts on “Cologne: Claus, Cathedral, and Clouds

  1. Lori Ricketts

    Excellent writing Kelsey! Love reading about your adventures. I imagine you are exhausted when you get back to Nice! However you write it; one or two parts, your followers are going to be happy to read it. One thing I hope you are doing is backing up your photos. I wrote a blog for three years and put photos on thinking they would stay there forever. Wrong in my thinking. A glitch and most of them were gone. Just a suggestion….. also another thing i have done, when we have been on trips, you can put together photo books (the photos are printed in a book form) through Walgreens, etc. They do have sales on them. Hard back or not. Not too expensive (when they run a sale) and well worth it. I did mine through Walmart. When you get back I can show you… thanks so much for the adventure….

    • I am absolutely PARANOID about losing my photos! I keep them on two external hard drives because once my external hard drive went bad and I lost all my photos 😦 that photo book thing is a good idea… I’m also pretty sure I’m going to put my blog entries (photos and writing) into a book form. This website seems to have a good service!

  2. Mom

    I’m getting caught up on with the blog viewing this weekend: re-reading since I zoom through them on my lunch time at work. LOVE hearing about everything and the great photos!

  3. Bret

    Thanks Kelse. Your posts probably seem excessively long to you when you’re putting them together but they’re not too long, for us the readers. We’re enjoying them all.

  4. aftonjoy

    One final photo fail. 😦

    It’s okay for Berlin to be 2 posts- I love your posts and how detailed they are.

  5. Aunt Con

    I forgot how you met Claus. Hmmm????? I really enjoyed my trip with you today. I really felt I was the fly on the marked up walls.

    • He was a foreign exchange student my senior year of high school!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! For writing about my London trip, I’m considering not doing a daily review of everything I did… It just takes so long to write and is a lot to read about! Instead I would just touch on all the interesting stuff I did/saw/funny experiences. Thoughts?

      • Aunt Con

        Anything that you do will be enjoyed. I am so proud of you and love you soooo much. I keep thinking how proud your Grandma Marlene and my parents would be. Your Grandma never traveled very far. I think she regretted that. After I went to Germany I shared my pictures with her, she really poured herself over everyone with lots of questions.

        • Thank you so much Aunt Con 🙂

          • Aunt My

            Make these things as many multi-parts as you want! I’ll read em all and savor every bite!!!! Love it! Love it! Love it all! Every last word and picture!!!! And I can’t wait for the next installment (or whatever they’re called). Thank you again so very much for the detail. XXOO

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