Mountains with Africans

I’m back from Germany!!  …and I leave for London tomorrow.  I had an AMAZING time in Cologne and Berlin and just got done sorting the nearly 300 photos I took.  At least two, probably three, blog posts will be coming about my time there, but due to my penchant for things being in chronological order, you get this post first!

Last Sunday I went to church in Nice for the first time.  It was an English speaking church that I found through AngloInfo, a site for English-speaking expats all over the world, and I absolutely loved it!!  It reminded me of churches back home and I am definitely planning on going most Sunday evenings (the service is at 6:30).  Everyone there was so welcoming from the moment I walked up to the building and I met a few cool people: Kimberly, who is a New Yorker studying in Nice and who I might go to a women’s Bible study with, and these two guys from Africa who are in the French legion and were just visiting Nice.

The guys (Joubert and Derik) wanted to see Nice, so I met up with them on Monday afternoon.  We walked around Vieux Nice, went up to the Chateau, and got a drink.  It was fun to talk to them about life in Africa (Joubert is from South Africa and Derik is from Namibia) and what it’s like to be in the Legion (basically the French army).

The three of us up at the Chateau.

After a few hours I left to meet up with three girls from out of town- they’re assistants about 45 minutes away from Nice and needed a place to stay so I offered my apartment.   We had dinner and a few drinks then headed back to my place to watch a movie and sleep.

The next day, I met up with the African guys in Vieux Nice and we headed up into the mountains- Derik had never seen snow!!  The scenery was beautiful, the weather was chilly but not too bad, and it was really fun to see SEASONS- changing leaves and snow!!

A shot from my phone on the way there.

We stopped partway up at some military base-type-thing so Joubert could say hi to a major he knew there.  While they were inside, I took a few pics!

I believe this was in the town of Beuil.

When we made it to the top, we parked the car and started hiking up the mountain, but first, we HAD to play in the snow a little bit!

Derik was so excited to see snow!

The views were absolutely breathtaking.

Me taking a picture of Derik taking a picture of me.

When we got near the top, we found a clear spot and sat down to enjoy some coffee and tea.  The guys, being in the legion, had all the necessary stuff.

They had a little gas burner and metal can to make drinks- tea for me, coffee for them!

We couldn’t go any higher because it was a ski slope, so after we sat and relaxed for awhile we started a roundabout way back down.

We passed right under a ski lift!

When we got back down to where we parked, we ate at a little cafe.  We all had something called a tarteflette- it was bits of meat (ham or bacon, I think), cheese, bread, potatoes, and cream sauce all baked together in a little dish.  It was delicious but so heavy and filling!  Derik ate half of mine.  (Edit: the cafe was called Le Refuge and the town we were in was called Péone.)

I tried to snap some pics on the way down so you could see what the scenery looked like, but it was tough!

When we got back down, we went to Antibes, a small town near Nice.  We didn’t do much there, just walked around and looked and the beautiful boats docked there and walked through Vieux Antibes.

The moon was beautiful.

These were all private ships.

There is an absinthe bar in Vieux Antibes- apparently there are only a couple places in France where it’s legal to sell absinthe and this is one of them.  We did NOT go in or partake!

Then when I got home from the day, I still had to pack and get ready for my trip to Germany!  I managed, though, and left to go to the airport early the next morning.  Next post (whenever I get it written): Cologne, Germany!

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13 thoughts on “Mountains with Africans

  1. Gloria

    Love, love, love reading about tour life and travels! So happy you found a church!!!!!!

    • Me too! The website is linked if you want to see what it’s like.

      Did you like the boat pics?? I took them just for you!

      • Gloria

        I love everything you write and I did love the boat pictures!!!! I cannot wait I read your next installment on your trip to Germany. Will scroll above to grab the link and check out the church where you her services in English. Also, feel free to pop over to to see the latest message delivered by our senior pastor’s daughter about ‘iron sharpens iron’ as one friend to another. Very cool visuals! So excited for your travels. Maybe one day I will venture our bad travel solo and stay in senior hostels and use a backpack! What is the best way to learn French before I go?????


        • You definitely should! I’ve never learned a language other than in the traditional classroom way, so I’m not sure… perhaps check out Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur if you’re serious about it? Or else just look up the most common phrases… Excuse me, I don’t speak French, do you speak English, where is the toilet, etc! Haha I HATED not knowing at least those phrases in German and made my friend teach them to me! Although you should be okay speaking English. We’re so lucky to grow up speaking the world’s universal language! Also body language and gestures help A LOT.

      • Gloria

        justJust just checked out thr church link and love it! Bible-based and grounded in the Word moving us to love. So glad you found such an awesome church while abroad!!!!!

        Smooches and keep writing!!!

  2. Dad

    -I had to google absinthe.
    -Did your French army guys practice surrendering?

  3. Thanks for sharing, Kelsey. Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Afton

    Your life is so cool! I’m so glad you’re taking all these pictures and blogging about it. You’ll remember this forever.

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