Mont Boron

This week, a French friend and I went to Mont Boron, which is kind of a suburb of Nice up a mountain.  It’s where Elton John’s vacation house is, but we couldn’t see it from where we were.  We saw some good views of the city and enjoyed walking around!  It was a beautiful sunny day and I think I even tanned a little bit!

The circular wooded area in the middle is the Chateau de Nice, which I wrote about here. I guess it used to be a castle back in the day.

I quickly tried out a new setting on my camera that is supposed to make everything miniature. I need to tweak the settings because it doesn’t look great but it does look like a toy setting to me- so cool!

The city just seems to go on forever.

Emmy came with me!

We went down a path through the woods, and every so often there was workout equipment for people who came there to run and exercise.

There were also hurdles, a balance beam type thing, monkey bars, etc. all along the path.

I believe this was Villefranche-sur-Mer, which I visited last weekend and wrote about here.

I haven’t seen any dandelions here- this was close but a little off!

The leaves looked like a dandelion but the flower was slightly different.

We saw a super big boat…

See that tiny speck in the bottom middle? That’s a guy in a kayak!

Someday I’ll figure out why my computer shuts off every time I try to stitch together a panorama… until then, I leave you with this picture!

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2 thoughts on “Mont Boron

  1. Dad

    I hope that ship yielded to the kayak like it is required to do.

  2. Lau

    Ma ville d’amour à moi que j’aime de tout mon coeur !!!!

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