Mon appartement!

The outside of my apartment building. My apartment is on the 4th floor (3rd European- they don’t count the ground floor) and it’s the one on the left with the light on.

The front door.

It’s official!!

The view from standing at the front door. Seriously, this place is so nice.

The elevator and stairs. All the floors here, even in the apartment, are made of marble or granite or something.

Goofy elevator picture.

Stairs. Fascinating, I know.

Every floor has this random little room with nothing in it. David thinks maybe it’s a bike room?

Our front door!! I’m standing right next to the elevator.

Everyone puts their names next to and on the doors here. The button next to it is to turn on the lights- they turn off automatically after a minute or so. When we were walking downstairs to put the labels on the mailbox David was like, “Make sure you hit the light and not the buzzer. I did that.” I died laughing.

The view from the front door. Super low chandelier that I’m about an inch too tall for and David is about 8 inches too tall for, a little closet is that door on the left, and then the door that’s partially open is the toilet room.

The front door from the inside. Everyone here is super obsessed with security. The CouchSurfer I stayed with had 3 locks on her door, Felix’s friend had a ridiculous lock, and this one has 3 dead bolts PLUS it locks with a bar at the top and bottom. Plus you need a key to open the front door downstairs.

The view into the living room. The front door is on the left.

Awesome pink chairs and Audrey Hepburn tablecloth 🙂

Huge couch. Couchsurfers, ho!

The balcony off the living room- that’s the one you could see from the picture from outside the apartment building. That cabinet is filled with random crap from our landlord’s mom who lived here before- they left a fair amount of stuff around, as well as everything we need (brooms, trash cans, etc.), so that’s nice. And it’s like a treasure hunt to see what you find!

The view into the kitchen- the front door is on the right.

The kitchen. Microwave, sink, stove and oven, washing machine, balcony.

Kitchen table, and the fridge is on the left behind the door.

View from the other side. Compared to the fridges I saw in Paris, ours is HUGE!

We have a cute little washing machine that apparently takes FOREVER to do a load, and our stovetop has a cover on it that we put down when we’re not using it. It’s kinda cool.

Balcony off the kitchen- it came with a clothes drying rack since we don’t have a dryer, yay! You can see the washing machine on the right.

The other half of the balcony off the kitchen. David has an entrance to the balcony from his room.

This is the view from in front of the front door. That door is the toilet room again, and there’s a mirror next to it. David’s mom gave him an envelope when he left with a couple pics in it, and my mom left a couple cards with encouraging notes in my suitcase, so we stuck them up there.

The toilet room. Yeah, you can buy pink toilet paper here!!

The entrance to the bathroom. On the very right, you can see the full-length mirror that was in the previous pic, and on the far left you can see the doorway into my room.

A goofy mirror pic, in the bathroom. Yeah, that’s a bidet, but David and I honestly can’t figure it out. It’s in a different room from the toilet… are you supposed to walk there after using the bathroom? Use it at random times? Who knows. We obviously aren’t gonna use it.

Another view of the bathroom.

We have a tub shower, which is really nice, even though it’s kinda narrow. The CouchSurfer’s shower was TINY and there was no overhead holder for the showerhead, so you had to hold it yourself. The water pressure here is awesome too.

The showerhead here can come out of the holder, but I just leave it there and use it like a regular showerhead.

The view into my room. The door to the bathroom is on the right.

My room!! I was already unpacked by the time I took this pic. My bed was made better but the first things I did upon arriving in Nice were eat and nap 🙂 the blinds are down- all the blinds here have a hanging rod with two hinges near the bottom. You hold above the top hinge and then at the bottom, so that there are two 90 degree angles, if that makes any sense. Then you rotate the bottom in a circle to raise or lower the blinds. They look like garage doors to me.

One of my bedside tables and closet. It’s nice that there are shelves in my closet since I don’t have a dresser.

With both my closet doors open.

My roommate in his room. Isn’t he cuuuuute

That’s it for my apartment!  Questions??

Addition: my grandma asked for a floor plan, so here it is!

I discovered a 3D option on the website I used to create this, so just for fun…

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10 thoughts on “Mon appartement!

  1. Dad

    Nice pics Kelse. Is there a parental suite?

  2. Your pink chairs are really cute! I like the door locks and marble floors.
    Did the bumbershoot come with the apt? Can I have a floor sketch?

    • Haha Grandma, I had to Google “bumbershoot”! Do you mean the umbrella by the door? Yeah, that came with, and I brought a tiny one too, although I probably won’t need it much!! I’ll work on a rough floor sketch for you. It’ll just be labeled boxes, probably 🙂

  3. aftonjoy

    Do you and David speak English or French to each other? Has he converted you to a Mac yet? (Go David!) Can we see the inside of your fridge? I hear the French don’t refrigerate their eggs- is that true? Are they in the fridge at the store?

    • A- We speak English most of the time. But I have French friends now that I speak all French with! No, I still find it unnecessary to drop $1000+ on a computer when I can get one that’s just as good for much less. You’re right, the French don’t refrigerate their eggs OR their milk. It’s weird. We still do here out of habit and because we have room. Do you really want to see the inside of the fridge? It’s just food… I can WhatsApp you a pic if you really want one.

  4. YOUR FRIDGE IS HUGE!!! also you have a MICROWAVE?! showerheads not having holders is also common! your apartment is totally styled for americans! haha 😀 I liked that you called it a toilet room. They call them WC (water closets) over there. Lots of places have separate rooms for the toilet and the sink/shower.

    • Yeah, it’s big compared to the ones I saw in Paris and in some of my friends’ apartments here but small by US standards! It’s not an apartment made for Americans though. A French woman lived here before us.

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