First Week in Nice

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10 thoughts on “First Week in Nice

  1. Deb Flaugher

    When do you begin teaching?

    • I taught my first two short lessons on Monday, but haven’t taught since then. I finally received my schedule though, so I should start teaching more lessons soon!

  2. love it! can’t wait to come visit you. your school looks amazing!

  3. Dad

    More nice pics of your surroundings. So the beach is rocks? Isn’t that like laying on a gravel road?

    • Yeah, it’s not very comfortable! It’s not as bad as you think to sit on though. The rocks are round at least. They also sell these big mats for cheap that you can buy to sit on.

  4. Aunt Con

    Most of the guys look like hunks. What is the story of your roommate?

    • Haha! I’ll pass that message along! He’s from Columbus, OH and I found him through the Facebook page for assistants in this region. He’s an assistant as well!

  5. Marian McGreer

    Why is my 1st week black with no pix or writing?

    • It should be a slideshow of photos! Something must be wrong with your Internet Explorer that it doesn’t work! Idk what setting to tell you to change from afar… It might just be easiest to go to and download FireFox, another browser like Internet Explorer. Or maybe ask Brian or someone?

  6. aftonjoy

    YOU LIVE BY THE BEACH!!! And by Ugly Naked Guy! “Ew, ew, ew, ew ew ew ew ew. Ugly Naked Guy got a Thighmaster.”

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