My Summer 2012 in Photos

Okay, I know you all want to hear about my time in France so far, but I had this post started and I like things in chronological order so you get this one first 🙂 I’m working on posts about Paris and my apartment though!  Coming soon… stay posted!

Summer started with Julie and ME moving out of the apartment we shared for a year.

A few days later, I headed back down to BloNo to celebrate my and a few of my friends’ graduations with my best friends.

The whole family came down!

After graduation, Mom and I headed out to her hometown for a few days to go to a funeral and spend time with family. These are just a few of my cousins!

I got to see a bunch of family members and also meet my cousin Brynn for the first time!

Melissa graduated from Augustana!

Sam and I were kinda bored during Mel’s graduation ceremony. There was a lot of “foofyness” that took a long time.

Melissa and I dressed up in our caps and gowns and took some good photos…

…and some silly photos.

I took a trip to St. Louis and saw the Arch…

…and my first professional sporting event! The Cardinals dominated.

Then I headed up to Schaumburg to start my new job at Walgreens. This is a picture of my family’s dog Rocky one day we went to the park with the kids 🙂

The gang got back together to celebrate Rob and Erin’s wedding.

That same weekend, my old Bible study leader Kelsey got married, and I got to reunite with a bunch of my small group girls!

We had a good time.

My best friend Jennie came to Chicago for the weekend so we met up with our friend John, who we also met at the Bee. We’ve all been friends for 10 years now! There are 5 years between these two photos. Not much has changed!!

I was so happy to see Jennie!!

I ended up being able to see Jennie the next day too, so we went to her favorite Chicago pizza place, Giordano’s!

I was a bridesmaid in my cousin Melissa’s wedding and we wore similar dresses to the rehearsal. THEY HAD POCKETS!!

It was so great seeing my cousin marry her high school sweetheart.

I took the day off work and spent my 23rd birthday at Six Flags with my family.

I went Cincinnati to visit my best friend Chelsea for her birthday. We didn’t take many pics and we were tired in this one, as you can tell 🙂

We went canoeing on the Little Miami River and went off an awesome rope swing!

We went to the cutest little breakfast place in Cincy on her birthday.  MASSIVE OMELET!

I met up with my friend Michelle and some of her friends to go to an outdoor concert.

During a trip home, I saw some of my best friends from high school, including Brandon, who was about to move to California!

I came home for a week to have laser vision correction.

During that week, I wore sunglasses a lot, but still managed to get out to see some 4th of July fireworks with my cousins…

…and to have a bonfire for a bunch of my friends from high school.

After I got the okay to drive, I headed down to BloNo for a night for two RA friends’ wedding. SO MANY RAs!

In August, I headed home for the weekend to participate in a 5K in memory of my cousin Alexis. Many of my family members participated!

Kelsey and I participated in a spelling bee. At a bar. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.

We enjoyed the weather by grilling out and eating outside.

I got a fancy new camera for France and one day when I took the kids to the park to play, I played around with some of the settings!

In keeping with our tradition from last year, for her birthday I let my cousin pick what we did for a day. She chose lunch, jumping on this trampoline bungee thing, and a movie!

I went to Illinois City Days for the first time in 5 years.

My new camera is fast enough to catch fire coming from the barrel of a gun.

I said goodbye to my car.

Francisco came home from NYC for a week to visit, so I got to see him before I left!

The neighbors set up a HUGE screen in their yard (to make sure it worked before a work event). Yeah Finding Nemo!!

I took a trip down to BloNo to see my old students/coworkers, International House peeps, and best friends. Jessica was back from Brazil- so fun to see everyone!!

Travis had a housewarming party and let us all crash at his place for a few days.

It was so good to see my old residents and friends!

I got to see/say goodbye to my old roommate Julie too!

I finished off my “Goodbye to BloNo” weekend by spending the day at the pool.

Nick and I went up to the Skydeck, and I decided Chicago wasn’t so bad after all.

I got see my cousin’s soccer team take 2nd place at a big tournament!

My family in Schaumburg took me out for a goodbye dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. The kids enjoyed throwing pennies at the alligator.

My friends at work took me out for a nice goodbye lunch.

I moved back home, and Nick and I attended a wedding reception in a really nice tent outside.

The day before I left, Nick’s mom cooked dinner to celebrate three things: Nick’s birthday, his brother’s girlfriend’s new job, and my trip!

The next day, Mom and Dad and I left at 1 to head to O’Hare for my flight! With that, my official summer finally ended and my school year in France began 🙂

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2 thoughts on “My Summer 2012 in Photos

  1. Afton

    You live such a full, blessed life. And you are loved my so many people. Loved reading about your summer, and especially loved all the pics!!!

  2. eventful summer!! love this post. that skydeck pic is so cool. drunk spelling bee!!! i totally forgot that you did that. sounds like a blast 😀

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