10 Awesome Things About Living in Schaumburg

10.  Ikea

I didn’t go to Ikea at all this summer, but if I had my own place, I have no doubt I would be there weekly.  Hilarious Swedish words + cheap home decor + assembling your own furniture = awesomeness.

9.  Woodfield

If you’re not aware, Woodfield is a HUGE mall that nearly gives me a conniption every time I walk in, especially during the months of October to January.  WHY DOES IT HAVE THREE FLOORS??  However, it is nice to have nearly every store I can imagine 6 miles from my house, all in the same building.  It’s convenience to the max.

8.  Having the city close by

Alert the presses, people: I made my peace with Chicago this weekend.  I took the train into the city on Saturday, did all the touristy things like the Sears Willis Tower, Giordano’s, Buckingham Fountain, and the Bean, and had a great time.  The weather was great and unlike the situation that provoked my hating-Chicago post, I had no time constraints, no stress, and I didn’t have to drive.  It was fun to walk around, see the sights, take pictures, and enjoy the weather.  Chicago: you’re not so bad.

7.  Plato’s Closet

This is hands-down my favorite clothing store, and there’s one just a few miles away from my house, as well as many others in the Chicagoland area.  I buy nearly all my clothes at Plato’s and although one recently opened in the Quad Cities, in the past I could only get my Plato’s fix in Bloomington or up here in Schaumburg.

6.  Experience living in a bigger city

I grew up in a super-small town, then went to school in a good-sized town (Bloomington and Normal together have a population of about 125,000), but the suburbs are a whole different beast.  Traffic (the fact that rush hour exists) is a big one, as well as the fact that the suburbs don’t end… they just go on and on.  Living here has shown me that suburb life isn’t really for me, but that’s something I never would have known for sure if I didn’t live here for awhile.

5.  Sushi

It’s EVERYWHERE around here and it’s SO GOOD.  Enough said.

4.  Walgreens

Living in the suburbs has afforded me the opportunity to work at Walgreens’ corporate offices.  I have learned so much and met so many amazing people, as well as figured out a little more about what I want to do career-wise when I get back from France.  None of that would have happened without me living in the suburbs!

3.  Being close to friends

Because I went to ISU, a lot of the people I met were from the suburbs, and an abnormally high amount seem to be from the northwest suburbs within half an hour of Schaumburg.  I never got to see most of these people over the summer since I lived either in the Quad Cities or BloNo, but now that I live in the suburbs I get to see many of my friends much more often!  It’s really been a blessing, especially since I’m hyperaware that I’ll be leaving the country for eight months and won’t have a chance to see these people for awhile.

2.  Chipotle

Don’t judge me for two out of my top five being about food.  I absolutely LOVE Chipotle–it’s really the only “fast” food I eat–and they’re everywhere around here.  I got used to eating it often this past year when one opened on Main Street in Normal, and luckily I never had to break my addiction since there are Chipotles super close to where I live and where I work.

1.  My family

Hands down, the best thing about living in Schaumburg has been being able to spend time with my family.  I live with my aunt, uncle, and three cousins here, and I have absolutely loved getting to know them all better.  I am so grateful that they have allowed me to live with them for two summers now and have really welcomed me into their home as one of their own.  They have gone above and beyond the call of an aunt and uncle, not only giving me a place to stay, but giving me advice, feeding me, letting me use their car after I crashed mine, and about a million other supportive things I won’t list here.  I can’t believe how blessed I am to have the amazing family that I do and I’m going to miss them all soo much when I leave.  Luckily, they have Skype and know how to use it–the other day they Skype called me up in my room from the living room 🙂

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2 thoughts on “10 Awesome Things About Living in Schaumburg

  1. CHIPOTLE! SUSHI! :C soooo envious. can’t believe you leave in 12 days. more pictures in your posts!!!!

  2. Afton

    Schwest you warm my heart.

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