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My Summer 2012 in Photos

Okay, I know you all want to hear about my time in France so far, but I had this post started and I like things in chronological order so you get this one first ūüôā I’m working on posts about Paris and my apartment though!¬† Coming soon… stay posted!

Summer started with Julie and ME moving out of the apartment we shared for a year.

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I’m in France!!

Hey everyone, just a quick note to say I made it to Paris!¬† Courtney and I are currently sitting in a McDo (McDonald’s) using their free wifi.¬† I have somewhere to stay the three nights I’ll be here in Paris and then early Sunday morning I’ll head down to Nice.¬† No big mishaps on the trip, we got all our luggage, more details later!

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On my way!

I’m writing this sitting on the plane preparing for takeoff. I’ll arrive in France at 2 pm Thursday local time, which is 7 am in Illinois. I won’t be able to talk/text much for the first week or so but after that I should be in better contact, and I should have semiregular Internet access during that time. I’ll put all my contact info a but later in my “Contact Me” tab at the top, which is password protected.

I’m spending 3 days in Paris, then early Sunday morning France time I’ll head down to Nice to get settled in my apartment. Can’t wait to see my new home!

I have a window seat with only one person next to me and they provided a pillow and blanket. Good thing, because I’m planning on sleeping all the way to Zurich! Then I have a short layover and short flight to Paris.

Pray for a safe flight!

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Places to go, people to see, things to do!

There are A TON of places I want to go while I’m in Europe; I plan to take mad advantage of the proximity of many different countries, ease of travel, and people I know in Europe. ¬†However, I also need to be aware that traveling costs money and I’ll be living on a limited budget, so I need to pick and choose places I go. ¬†That being said, there are a few places I DEFINITELY want to go, and I even have some plans in the works already.

First up: PARIS! ¬†I’m flying in and out of Paris, and when I first arrive Courtney and I are going to spend a few days there. ¬†I’m not sure what exactly we’re going to do since we’re only going to be there a few days and will be dealing with jet lag and such, but before my time in France comes to an end I definitely want to see all the sights Paris has to offer, like…

The Eiffel Tower…

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10 Awesome Things About Living in Schaumburg

10.  Ikea

I didn’t go to Ikea at all this summer, but if I had my own place, I have no doubt I would be there weekly. ¬†Hilarious Swedish words + cheap home decor + assembling your own furniture = awesomeness.

9.  Woodfield

If you’re not aware, Woodfield is a HUGE mall that nearly gives me a conniption every time I walk in, especially during the months of October to January. ¬†WHY DOES IT HAVE THREE FLOORS?? ¬†However, it is nice to have nearly every store I can imagine 6 miles from my house, all in the same building. ¬†It’s convenience to the max.

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