I just felt like running

OF COURSE I decided to go with another Forrest Gump quote.   As promised, since at least a few of you seem interested, here is an update on my running in training for the 5K I participated in on August 11.  The first post about it is here.

After my 4.5 mile run, my right ankle started to hurt.  It wasn’t a sharp pain, like I had actually injured it, but I think I just overdid it too soon.  I guess just because I CAN run four and a half miles, doesn’t mean I SHOULD!  That was on Tuesday, and I didn’t run again till Sunday.  I only ran 3 miles and ran slowly/walked so as not to overdo it.  My ankle kind of hurt, but it wasn’t bad, and I needed to keep training because the race was that Saturday!!  The next day I ran 3.2 miles at a faster pace and didn’t walk at all, then I took a day off.  The following day (Wednesday) I ran 3 miles, which left me 2 days to recover before the race.

The day of the race dawned chilly and sunny.  We were bused to the start of the race, and after releasing 8 balloons in honor of my cousin Alexis (she would have been 8) we were off!  There were probably around 40 people taking part- I’m really bad at estimating numbers of people.  Over a hundred registered but apparently most of them just wanted to donate money rather than get up early and run. 🙂

I was really worried about this massive hill we were going to have to go up–it’s at least half a mile long, I would say–and it was indeed a killer.  However, I managed to not walk at all, even on the hill!  I was taking TINY steps and moving so slow, but I was running!  I seriously felt like the tortoise from those old Aesop’s fables videos.  Yes, I was thinking that as I was running, haha.  After the hill running on the flat seemed EASY and I picked up the pace a little.

I crossed the finish line at 24:50, and the race ended up being just short of 5K, about 2.9 miles, but I was happy with my time and the fact that I didn’t walk at all!  And yes, I ended up coming in ahead of my dad 🙂 he came in just under two minutes later, then went back and finished with my mom,  because he’s a standup guy like that.  After the race and for a few days after, my ankle felt fine, but my right knee KILLED- I think because my ankle hurt, I altered how I ran (like on the outside of my foot or whatever) and that caused my knee to hurt.

A whole bunch of us McGreers took part in the race: my cousin Tricia organized it, then my cousin Lindsey (Alexis’ mom), my aunt Tammy, my cousins Melissa, Samantha, and Cole, and my parents all ran or walked it.  My cousin Melissa’s in-laws did it too.  The support from the community the last few years has been amazing, both during Alexis’ battle with cancer and since her death.  There was a massive benefit that helped raise money for her treatment, there is a garden dedicated to her at her grade school, and now this race is a wonderful testament to her memory.  Besides the many people who donated (the money this year went to Children’s Cancer Connection) and ran in the race, there were others who donated the use of a van to get us all down to the start of the race, who drove the van, who kept an ambulance nearby, who stood along the race route and at the finish line, and who brought water, juice, and granola bars.  I am so blessed to be part of such a wonderful community.

If you are interested in reading what I learned while training for the 5K and some of the things that helped me, let me know in the comments!

I’d like to close with some photos of Alexis… because “that’s what my running was all about” (yeeeah Forrest Gump).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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3 thoughts on “I just felt like running

  1. Mom

    Loved all the great pics of Alexis!

  2. Dad

    Just wait ’til next time.

  3. Afton

    Alexis slideshow made me cry. You were such a good cousin to her.

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