Après-PRK Vision Update

It’s officially been 6 weeks since I had my eye surgery!  If you missed it, you can read about my consultation here and my surgery and initial recovery here.

In my last post on this topic, I left off on the Friday after my surgery (which was on Monday).  On Saturday morning, I headed to Bloomington-Normal for a wedding I had that night.  By this point my vision was plenty good enough to drive and read and function, but everything was kinda blurry.  Not blurry like “oh it’s too far away to read”–even things up close were blurry unless I held them within probably 6-8 inches of my eyes.  I mean, I could see the computer screen, but it was not anything close to crystal clear unless I was really close to it, and even then it wasn’t perfect.

I would say my vision got a little bit better from that point but for a couple of weeks, everything was still blurry in the same way.  I found myself leaning closer to read my computer screen, straining to see street signs, and squinting.  I’m not going to lie, it was kind of worrisome.  The first week or two after the surgery I was frustrated with not being able to see perfectly so I looked up a bunch of people’s testimonials about PRK recovery to reassure myself that my experience was normal.  What I found out calmed me down a little bit; most people’s vision didn’t start getting really clear until at least 3 weeks after the surgery, some of them significantly longer.  Still, though, it’s hard not to worry when you’re talking about something as important as your vision.

Fast forward to July 23, which marked 3 weeks after my surgery.  I still had seen no improvement in my vision but I had stopped stressing so much.  Hey, at least it was better than it used to be and I could function in everyday life.  It was interesting; I kept a vial of eye drops next to my computer at work so that I could put them in periodically–staring at the computer screen and not blinking caused my eyes to dry out a lot.  I found that sometimes right after I put in my eye drops the computer screen would get super crystal clear, then after I blinked or moved my eyes it would go back to its blurry normal.  I wasn’t sure why this was.

On July 24 on my way to work, I noticed that I seemed to be able to see cars’ license plates better than I used to, but I didn’t really think about it too much.  Then as I was sitting at work I realized that the computer screen seemed to be clearer; I no longer had to lean in to make the letters not blurry.  Honestly, for a while it was so bad that I had to rely on the red squiggly line from spellcheck to tell if I spelled something wrong; I couldn’t tell at a glance if I had a typo or not.  And if you know me, you know that’s SERIOUS!  But good news, my vision was finally starting to improve.

For a few days, my vision stayed about the same: close up was clearer, but my distance vision was still kind of blurry.  However, I started noticing a slow improvement in my distance vision; it wasn’t as much of a strain to read street signs.  It seemed to vary a lot; sometimes my vision would seem pretty clear, and sometimes it would be blurrier.  It was always most difficult to read text from far away.

On August 10 (almost 6 weeks after the surgery) I had my checkup with Dr. Borisuth.  He had me cover one eye at a time and read the letter chart, and then put yellow-colored drops in my eyes and looked at them up close.  He said my left eye is 20/15 and my right eye is 20/25, but at least my right eye should continue to improve.  Honestly, I don’t feel like my vision is 20/15; I mean, I could read the line and I was careful not to squint, but the lines weren’t clear like I expected them to be.  I could read them, but they were blurry.  Dr. B. said that eyes can continue to change up to 4-6 months after PRK though, so maybe it will get to that crystal-clear point I’m hoping for.

My next checkup isn’t supposed to be for about a year; the receptionist asked if I wanted to schedule an appointment and I was like, umm, no.  I have no idea where I’m going to be in a year!  I’ll definitely get a checkup but NO WAY am I ready to schedule one now!!  This will probably be my last post in regards to my eye surgery, unless people are super duper interested or have questions.  As far as I’m concerned, even if my vision doesn’t improve any more I’ll be happy.  My vision is about a million times better than it was and I’ve had no negative side effects in regards to halo, dry eyes, etc., so all in all I’m pleased!  If there’s anything else you want to know feel free to ask 🙂

Update: February 6, 2013 (7 months after the surgery)

I feel like I should go back and update this, since I seem to get a lot of hits from Google searches about PRK.  I’m not sure exactly when, but at some point before I left for France (August/September; August 10 was about 6 weeks post-surgery) my distance vision DID clear up and is pretty much perfect to this day.  My vision seems to be comparable to what it was before with my glasses/contacts and about the same as my friends’ (today my friend and I could both almost-see-but-not-quite the train schedule from a ways away).  So I am EXTREMELY happy with the surgery and the results!  I hardly ever use eye drops anymore, just on random mornings maybe once a month where they seem to be more dry than usual.  It was a nervous-making few months, but it has been completely worth it now!  And as always, feel free to ask questions!!

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2 thoughts on “Après-PRK Vision Update

  1. Me Me Me! So you’re completely sans glasses now? Really?

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