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I’m going to Nice!

If you follow this blog you’re probably thinking, “Didn’t she tell us she’s going to Nice back in April?”  The answer to that is, well yes, kind of.  When I got accepted into the program I found out that I was placed in the region of Nice, but not necessarily the city; I could have been anywhere in the region, up to a few hours away from the actual city of Nice.  Here is a map of the regions as divided by TAPIF:

Nice is all the way in the bottom right.

Note: my friend Courtney who is doing the same program is placed in Lille.  About as far away from me as you can get.  Ugh.

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Friday morning lockout

(I warned you all in my about me that sometimes I will include random posts of things that happen to me.  Here goes.)

This morning started out kinda rough.  I stumbled out of bed at 6:14 AM (half an hour after my alarm went off… ahem), then not only had to get dressed and ready for work (a challenge enough on a day like today) but I also had to finish packing for my weekend at my parents’ for my cousin Melissa’s wedding and make sure I had everything I needed to fully participate in the wedding festivities (you know, strapless bra, eyeshadow, all that stuff I usually don’t mess with).

I finally got my 4 bags (not an exaggeration) and dress out to the car when I realized my keys were somewhere in my purse and I had exactly 0 hands free to dig them out (because let’s be honest, no way am I taking two trips out to the car when I can carry all my crap like a packhorse).  I piled all my stuff on the hood of my car and rummaged through the approximately 27 compartments in my purse.  No keys.  I figured they might be up in my room, so I went back in the house.  Nope.  I searched through my purse again before finally admitting to myself that they weren’t there.  I then had the brilliant idea to see if I had left them in the car, and sure enough, I see them dangling from the ignition just taunting me.

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