Information about TAPIF

A lot of people have asked for more information about the program in which I am participating: if I’m getting paid, what work will consist of, etc.  More information can be found on the sites listed on my “Helpful Links” page, but here is a summary for your convenience!

What will the work be like?

Assistants are assigned a 12-hour per week teaching schedule that may be divided among up to three schools. Classes are conducted in English. The teaching assistant may conduct all or part of a class, typically leading conversations in English.  Assistant serves as a resource person in conversation groups, provides small group tutorials, facilitates English-language clubs, or works alongside the teacher with the entire class present.

How much will you get paid?

Teaching assistants receive a gross monthly salary of approximately €965. Mandatory deductions for health insurance and French social security are taken, resulting in a net monthly salary of roughly €780 (approximately $1,099).  The monthly salary is enough in most cases to live a comfortable lifestyle in most regions of France. 780 euros per month allows most assistants to buy food, rent a room or apartment in their town, and live a modest student lifestyle, so while assistants do not live in luxury, most are able to live comfortably during their 7-month contract. Some are even able to travel a bit during their year in France if they bring some extra savings with them for travel.

Where will you live?

Assistants are responsible for making their own living arrangements. Some schools are able to help their assistants secure housing or make arrangements for the first few weeks in France, but this is not guaranteed, so assistants should expect to find their own housing.

How long is the program?

Contracts begin October 1 and end April 30.  American teaching assistants with a superior record of performance may apply directly to their school districts to renew their teaching contracts for a second year. Assistants may participate in the Teaching Assistant Program in France a maximum of two times.

Will you need a visa?

Yes. Teaching assistants must obtain a long-stay work visa from their regional French consulate in the U.S.

What other questions do you have or what information do you want to know?  Leave me questions in the comments and I’ll respond to them soon!

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8 thoughts on “Information about TAPIF

  1. Kat

    I am currently an assistant at the primary school level. Two half days and full full day per week.

  2. Hey, I stumbled across your blog randomly. I applied to the TAPIF program last year, but didn’t get in and I’m reapplying again this year. I didn’t major in French or take any courses even though I can speak it, but this seems to be hurting me the most. Do you have any recommendations on how to make my application stronger? Thanks!

  3. aftonjoy

    12 hour work week?

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