Reactions I’ve gotten

In honor of it being a week since I got accepted to the program, listed below are the various reactions I’ve gotten after telling people that I’m moving to France.  Enjoy!


That’s so exciting!

I’m so proud of you!

Have you seen “Taken”?

You better not fall in love with a French guy.

How long are you gonna be over there?

What are you gonna be doing?

Are you gonna have to speak French all the time?

Don’t you go falling in love with a French gigolo (my grandma’s exact words).

Do you have to find your own place to live?

Do you know anyone over there?

7 months is a long time!

You gonna marry a French guy?

Are your students going to speak English?

Will you get paid?

You better travel all around Europe!

A ton of people are gonna come visit you!

Have you ever been to France?

You know, French guys are really romantic.

Send me a postcard!!

When do you leave?  When will you be back?

You’re never going to come back.

What made you want to do this?

You’re gonna marry a French guy.

Conversation with my dad:

Dad: You know what the worst part is gonna be?

Me: Missing my friends and family?

Dad: No, you won’t care about that.  The worst part is that it’s gonna be over before you know it.

Conversation among my students:

“Oh my gosh, you should totally fall in love with a French guy!”  “Yeah, then you can go to the Eiffel Tower at night and he can propose and you can live happily ever after!”  (They apparently have my life planned out.)

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3 thoughts on “Reactions I’ve gotten

  1. Samantha McGreer

    I think you forgot the comment, “You know, we’re not going to come and visit you.” … I’m with your students, though. We totally have your entire life planned out!

  2. It will be over before you know it, and you aren’t ever going to want to leave! I do hope you will find a cute French guy, but just don’t be fooled by the engineers – everyone’s an engineer in France! It’s nothing special….

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